Cellulitis (skin infection)


Cellulitis develops rapidly and presents as areas of red and painful swelling, typically on the legs but can occur anywhere on the body. It may sometimes feel like a severe cold. This infection is caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria and requires prompt treatment.

In the worst-case scenario, it can be life-threatening, especially in small children and older individuals. If you observe rashes around someone's face or eyes, or if the symptoms worsen rapidly, it is appropriate to call for an ambulance.


Hospital testing is required to determine the extent of the infection. With early treatment, most people with cellulitis recover within one to two weeks. If you are otherwise healthy, you can be treated with antibiotics at home. However, many individuals may require hospital treatment, although they may be discharged after one or two days if their condition improves.

Cellulitis can spread and lead to complications. In rare cases, the infection can cause sepsis, also known as blood poisoning. This is a very serious condition that affects the entire body and can occur when cellulitis is not treated in a timely manner or if antibiotics do not work.

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