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How much is a Private Doctor in London?

The cost of seeing a private doctor in London varies significantly based on the clinic, the type of consultation, and additional services required. Here is a comprehensive look at the benefits and cost breakdown of what you can expect when looking at private GP services in London.

Dr Dropin private clinic in Fulham, London

Benefits of Seeing a Private Doctor in London

Choosing to see a private doctor in London offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance the quality and convenience of your healthcare experience. Here are some key advantages:

1. Reduced Waiting Times

One of the primary benefits of seeing a private doctor is the significantly reduced waiting times. Unlike the NHS, where waiting for an appointment or a referral can take weeks or even months, private GPs can often see patients on the same day or within a few days. This ensures timely diagnosis and treatment, which is crucial for many health conditions.

2. Longer and More Flexible Appointments

Private doctors often offer longer appointment times compared to NHS GPs. This allows for more comprehensive consultations where patients can discuss multiple health issues without feeling rushed. Additionally, private clinics frequently offer flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends, accommodating busy schedules.

3. Personalised and Continuous Care

Private GPs typically provide more personalised care, with the ability to see the same doctor for each visit, ensuring continuity of care. This helps build a stronger doctor-patient relationship, leading to better health outcomes as the doctor becomes more familiar with the patient's medical history and needs.

4. Access to a Wide Range of Specialists

Private healthcare often includes quicker and more direct access to specialists. If a patient needs specialist care, private GPs can provide immediate referrals, often bypassing the long referral processes common in public healthcare systems. This can be particularly beneficial for urgent or complex health issues requiring specialist intervention.

5. Comprehensive Health Screenings and Preventative Care

Private clinics frequently offer extensive health screening packages that are not always available through the NHS. These screenings can help in the early detection of potential health issues, allowing for timely intervention and better health management. Preventative care is a cornerstone of private healthcare, emphasising regular check-ups and proactive health measures.

6. Advanced Medical Technology and Facilities

Private clinics often invest in the latest medical technology and maintain high standards of cleanliness and comfort. This means that patients can benefit from advanced diagnostic tools and treatment options that may not be as readily available in public healthcare settings.

7. Enhanced Privacy and Confidentiality

For individuals who value privacy, private healthcare offers a more confidential environment. Patients can expect a higher degree of discretion, which is particularly important for sensitive health issues or high-profile individuals seeking medical care.

A guide to Private Doctor Costs

Standard GP Consultation Fees

For a general consultation with a private GP, you can expect to pay between £150 and £250. These consultations typically last 15 to 20 minutes, providing enough time to discuss a single health concern, perform a physical examination, and receive a diagnosis or prescription if necessary.

Specialist Consultations

Specialist consultations, which cover more complex health issues or require detailed medical examinations, are more expensive, generally ranging from £250 to £400. This higher cost is due to the specialised knowledge and additional time required.

Health Screenings and Diagnostics

Private clinics often offer comprehensive health screenings that include a series of tests to assess overall health. These screenings can range from £500 to over £1,500. For example, a full health screening that includes blood tests, ECG, and other diagnostic procedures might cost around £1,200 to £1,500.

Blood Tests and Other Diagnostic Tests

Routine blood tests and other diagnostic services, such as urine tests or ECGs, are often necessary and are priced separately. Routine blood panels can cost between £124 and £250, while more specialised tests like HIV or Hepatitis profiles range from £64 to £350. ECGs typically cost around £140 to £340.

Minor Procedures and Treatments

Minor surgical procedures, such as the removal of lumps or skin lesions, are usually priced between £295 and £495. Other treatments, such as vaccinations or specific therapeutic interventions, have their own pricing structures, which can be substantial depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Out-of-Hours Services

Private clinics often provide out-of-hours services for emergencies or urgent consultations outside regular business hours. These services come at a premium, with fees typically ranging from £580 to £595 per hour, depending on the time and location of the visit.

Occupational Health Services

For those requiring occupational health services, such as pre-employment medicals or drug screenings, the costs vary widely. Standard pre-employment screenings might start at £210, while more comprehensive packages can go up to £860.

Dr Dropin Private GP Services

At Dr Dropin, we offer a range of private GP services in London with transparent and affordable pricing. Here is a detailed look at our pricing:

Consultation Fees at Dr Dropin

In-Person Consultation (20 min): £79
In-Person Consultation (40 min): £149
Video Consultation: £59
Health Assessment: £199
Medical Weight Loss: £79
Medical Weight Loss Follow-up: £79

Additional Costs

Procedures: From £180
Blood Test Panels: From £38
Histology Tests: From £189

Blood Test Panels

Dr Dropin provides a comprehensive suite of blood tests tailored to individual needs. Here are some of our prices for commonly requested tests:

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Screening: From £38
Fatigue Screening: From £63
Sexually Transmitted Infections Screen: From £38
Female Hormone / Infertility Screen: From £76
Erectile Dysfunction Screening: From £63
Abdominal Bloating Screening: From £70
General Health Screen: From £63


Private GP services in London offer flexibility, shorter wait times, and comprehensive care. The standard consultation fees range typically from £150 to £250, with specialist consultations costing between £250 and £400. Additional services, including health screenings, diagnostics, and minor procedures, add to the overall expense.

Dr Dropin provides a more affordable option with consultations starting at £59 for video consultations and £79 for in-person consultations, making private healthcare more accessible while maintaining a high quality service with experienced medical professionals.

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