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Private Dermatologist in London

Our skilled Dermatologists have broad experience in both the NHS and private settings. They can diagnose and treat all skin conditions, without a referral and at an affordable price. Our Consultant Dermatologists are provided by skindoc, a member of the Dr.Dropin group.

  • Industry leading Dermatologists
  • Same-day procedures
  • Clinic, video or photo consultation
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  • Top quality UK dermatologists that know the optimum ways to get you the care you want
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In-Person Consultation

An in-person Dermatology appointment is tailored for thorough examinations and hands-on assessments of skin conditions. It’s ideal for unexpected or difficult-to-treat skin issues as well as scalp, hair, nail and intimate/private concerns. We also have state-of-the-art specialist equipment with immediate procedures at the ready.

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Digital Consultation

An online Dermatology appointment is perfect for both follow-ups and initial assessments of most medical conditions. It's a flexible option for busy people, those on the go or with limited mobility. Login from anywhere in the World to meet our same great doctors.

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Mole Check

An in-person appointment by our leading UK Dermatology Consultants to review your moles, lumps and bumps and identify any that may be concerning or require specific professional attention. While most moles are benign, they can sometimes indicate cancer. Experts advise getting your moles examined by a specialist every 6-12 months.

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Advanced Acne Treatment

If you're struggling with moderate to severe acne or acne accompanied by scarring, our leading UK Dermatology Consultants can provide you with the expertise you need. Whether through a convenient video consultation or by visiting a Dr.Dropin skindoc clinic.

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Dr Sree was amazing!! He saw me the very next day, diagnosed me on the spot and linked me up with their pharmacist who sent me my treatment later that day. I cannot express my gratitude any more. Thank you all for helping me in my desperation!

Anna BTeacher
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Absolute life-saver for busy people. I was seen over lunch and they are getting me sorted as we speak. Never even had to leave the shop. Cheers.

George RTBusiness Owner
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Loved it. Such an easy experience and was seen really quickly. Very professional doctor and he arranged everything for me. Thanks so much.

Will WPhysiotherapist

Skilled UK Dermatologists

Our dedicated team of skilled UK Dermatologists are committed to delivering the best possible experience, offering the highest level of quality and professional care. For accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans, rely on our highly-trained skin specialists.

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