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From Norwegian GP to International Healthcare Pioneer: The Journey of Dr.Dropin

In 2017, after working as a general practitioner and emergency doctor in Norway for five years, I founded Dr.Dropin. The motivation behind starting the company was clear: public healthcare waiting times were excessively long, and existing private providers were prohibitively expensive. Additionally, there was a noticeable lack of digital tools and limited operating hours, which did not meet the needs of modern patients. Another critical aspect of our vision was to create a workplace for doctors and healthcare professionals where they could focus most of their time on helping patients with medical issues, rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Opening the first private clinic in the UK

Since our inception, Dr.Dropin has expanded significantly. We now have 32 clinics across Norway and Sweden, and we opened our first clinic in the United Kingdom in March 2024. Our team has conducted over 1.8 million consultations, and we employ more than 250 people. We have also broadened the range of services we offer, which now includes psychology, physiotherapy, gynecology, dermatology, and occupational health services. These services are delivered through a combination of physical and digital appointments, which we believe represents the future of healthcare.

In January 2023, my family and I moved from Oslo to London to establish our first clinic here. It has been an incredibly exciting journey, both personally and professionally. My wife and I have four children, all of whom have settled well in London, and we anticipate staying for many years to come.

Finding the right location for our first clinic took some time, but we eventually decided that an old bank building in Fulham had everything we were looking for. The area is filled with friendly people, and the location offers great visibility to passersby. The space is bright, welcoming, and large enough to launch multiple services. It took a while to secure all the necessary approvals, complete the renovations, and hire the right staff. However, we opened our doors in March this year, and after operating for about three months, we are seeing an increasing number of patients each week. Most importantly, our patients are very satisfied with our services and keep coming back.

In the UK, we were fortunate to open our clinic in collaboration with the team at Skindoc., a company we acquired two years ago. Founders Dr. Denny and Dr. Krishna started an online dermatology service that has been continually growing and delivering excellent digital skincare services. It is a true pleasure to now have them as colleagues in the clinic as well.

I am very excited to see how this develops in the future, and I firmly believe we will open many more clinics in London and across the UK in the coming years. Our goal is to provide patients with excellent healthcare services without long waiting times and at a fair price.

Best regards,

Daniel Sørli

Founder and Chief Medical Officer