Photo Upload Service

Describe the symptoms, take a photo and submit. Our dermatologists will provide an assessment within 48 hours, and can help you with:

  • Getting diagnosed
  • Advise on treatment
  • Provide prescriptions
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This option is designed to allow you rapid access to the expertise of a UK-based Consultant Dermatologist. It’s a kind of ‘one-stop-shop’ for skin issues that may concern you or you need treatment for quickly. Think new rashes, skin infections, outbreak of spots, new lump etc.

We promise to accept, review, and complete your case within 48 hours and this includes providing you with a comprehensive clinical letter, information leaflet(s) and if you require it, a prescription as well.

Please note that a mandatory ID check is required before we can address your problem.

How it works


Choose the case type that best fits your problem


Answer a carefully crafted questionnaire


Upload photographs


Your doctor will return your case completed ASAP


Get treatment sent directly to you