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Dermatologic Procedures and Surgeries

Our skilled Consultant Dermatologists perform a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures tailored to your needs. These are performed in cutting-edge specialised Dermatology clinic rooms for your comfort Book an initial consultation with our dermatologists.

  • Industry leading Dermatologists
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  • Prices from £180
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Pricelist for Surgeries and Procedures

Below, you'll find examples of our dermatological services, categorised by size – small, medium, and large – to give you an idea of the scope and associated costs. The exact category for your treatment will be determined after an initial consultation, where your Dermatologist will discuss all available options with you in detail. For a comprehensive overview of all treatments and their costs, we encourage you to speak with our team during your consultation.


Small procedures

From £180

Consists of a range of minor procedures designed to address common and uncomplicated skin conditions. These procedures are characterised by their simplicty and efficiency. They typically involve a limited number of treatment areas, ensuring that minor issues like skin tags, warts, or a small number of biopsies are effectively addressed.

Medium procedures

From £310

Consists of a selection of intermediate procedures that address more complex skin conditions. These treatments may involve a higher level of attention and can cover a broader area of treatment. Proceudres like multiple wart/verruca removals, moderate-sized cysts or multiple lesions.

Large and complex procedures

From £400

Specialised care for larger and more intricate conditions. These advanced procedures demand a high level precision and may invole treating a significant area of concern. Complex cases like cyst removals, multiple lipoma removals or broader skin excisions fall within this band.