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Health Assessments

Prioritise your health with our preventive full health check-up.

  • Fixed Price £199
  • All tests included
  • 30 min GP consultation
GP with patient

3 steps health assessment


Complete an online questionnaire in the Patient Portal


Conduct measurements and blood tests with a trained healthcare assistant


GP consultation to review results, discuss risks and appropriate next steps

Why do a health assessment

Health assessments provide a comprehensive view of your current health status, allowing for early detection of potential diseases or risks. This assessment can give you targeted strategies for prevention, intervention, and treatment, optimising your health management and overall medical care.

What is a Health Assessment?

A Health Assessment is a 3-step holistic assessment of your physical and mental health that is tailored and focused on your needs. During the assessment we will review your risk factor for the following:

  • Cardiovascular risk
  • Cancer risk
  • Diabetes risk
  • Thyroid disease screening
  • Kidney disease screening
  • Anxiety and depression screening
  • Obesity and other lifestyle screening
  • Smoking status

One of our doctors will discuss the results with you to help you better manage your risk factors. This may include examination and further testing, lifestyle modification advice, and / or follow-up consultations with a GP or other specialists.

How does it work?

Once you've scheduled your health assessment, you'll receive a questionnaire. Taking the time to complete this questionnaire with accurate information is crucial. It provides us with insight into your current health and your health goals for the upcoming year.

Following this, you'll have a 20min appointment with a trained healthcare assistant who will conduct initial screening tests, including measurements of height, weight, BMI, blood pressure check, urine sample, and blood tests.

The healthcare assistant will then arrange a follow-up 30min appointment with your GP, typically after 7 days, allowing them to receive all the test results.

What should I expect at a Health Assessment?

There are 3 steps to your Health Assessment:

  1. Completing an online questionnaire on the Patient Portal
  2. Booking an initial consultation with our Healthcare Assistant who will take your bloods and conduct some measurements like height, weight and waist circumference
  3. You will be invited to book a follow-up consultation with our doctor once your blood test results have returned. During this consultation, the doctor will discuss with you your risks and appropriate next steps.

How we tailor our service to you?

To provide the most comprehensive care, it's important for us to gather detailed information about you. Each piece of information contributes to our understanding of your overall physical and mental health, enabling our GPs to offer personalised advice. Here's an outline of the minimum questionnaires and tests conducted during each health assessment:

  1. General medical history
  2. Medications and allergies
  3. Family medical history
  4. General examinations, including measurements of height, weight, BMI, heart, lung, abdominal, endocrine, kidney, and mental health assessments

In addition, we conduct specific tests to identify underlying conditions, including:

  1. Full blood count
  2. HbA1c
  3. Thyroid function tests
  4. Renal function tests
  5. Urine tests for various markers

Following these initial tests, your doctor might recommend further tests in certain cases. They will thoroughly explain the reasons behind these recommendations and offer you various options for the next steps.

How often should I have a Health Assessment?

The frequency of health assessments depends on your individual health status and risks. Through discussions with your GP, you'll receive guidance on how frequently you should undergo assessments and tips on being proactive in recognizing early signs of disease.

We always advise seeking medical advice promptly if you notice any new symptoms or changes in your health.

When do I get my results after a Health Assessment?

In order to holistically assess your physical and mental health, we need information from your Health Assessment Questionnaire, physical measurements and examination, and results from your blood tests which may take up to a week to return.

Once we have these information, you will receive your personalised Health Assessment Report through the Patient Portal and be invited to book a follow-up consultation with a Dr.Dropin doctor to discuss the results.

What should I expect from the follow-up GP appointment?

During the 30min appointment, your GP will thoroughly examine your body's systems, discuss all results, and address any concerns or abnormalities. They'll also focus on your personal health goals, fostering a holistic discussion to enhance your understanding of your current health and how to achieve your wellness objectives.