In-Person Consultations

Dr.Dropin offers various GP appointment options tailored to the time you need with your GP to ensure a comprehensive assessment and high-quality management.

  • 15 min £79
  • 30 min £149
  • Health Assessment £199
Gp smiling at you

Choosing the Right Appointment Type

Here's what you can expect from each appointment:

GP Consultation - 15 minutes

Ideal for patients who have a single concern to discuss, such as a fever or pain. Your GP will assess your condition, conduct necessary examinations, and recommend appropriate treatment during this appointment.

GP Consultation - 30 minutes

Best suited for patients with multiple or complex issues to address with their GP. During this consultation, your GP will thoroughly assess each problem, conduct relevant examinations and tests, and provide treatment or arrange further investigations to identify the underlying causes of your concerns.

GP Video Consultation - 15 minutes

Sometimes an in-person appointment is not necessary, and a video consultation is the right appointment for you. Video is suitable for patients with a single, straightforward concern to discuss, such as a skin infection, a follow-up after blood tests conducted by Dr. Dropin, or for requesting a sick note. Your GP will carefully evaluate your concern during this consultation and recommend the appropriate treatment. In some cases, your GP might suggest an in-person assessment and will thoroughly discuss all available options with you.

Health Assessment - 30 minutes

Health assessments are comprehensive proactive check-ups designed to identify potential health conditions before symptoms emerge, personalised to individual needs, and facilitated through detailed discussions and tests led by experienced GPs

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