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Alopecia usually starts with a few areas of hair loss a few centimetres in diameter, which increase in size over a few weeks. It can occur on the top of the head, on the face or anywhere else on the body. More than half of people with alopecia regain their hair within a year, but relapse is common. Some remain partially hairless for several years. The diagnosis is usually easy to make by examination by a doctor.


There are many reasons why a person may experience hair loss. One of these reasons is the autoimmune disease alopecia, which appears to have a genetic component. The disease is relatively uncommon and affects men and women at a similar rate. Hair loss often occurs in patches. There is no clear connection between alopecia and other diseases.

There are no treatments that reliably work for everyone. Some creams can be tried to prevent further hair loss, and local cortisone injections may stimulate hair growth in certain patches. However, there is no guarantee that any of these will be effective. Discuss treatment options with your dermatologist.

Our dermatologists can now help you with alopecia through an image consultation.

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