Created: 03.08.2023

Updated: 31.12.2023

Approved by: General Practitioner, Dr Binita Parmar

The condition can be related to the Meibomian glands in the inner margin of your eyelid not producing enough oil. Blepharitis can also be caused by a bacterial infection and having skin that gets inflamed easily. There is a statistical association between Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease, Seborrheic Eczema and Rosacea.


Your Dermatologist will recommend that you keep the area around your eyes clean. As it is important to prevent an infection in this area, clean the area of ​​each eye separately with a clean cloth or cotton to avoid spreading it to your other eye or eyes.

Warm compresses with water and shampoo work well and the pharmacy also has mild antibacterial wipes that can be used.

You may also need antibiotics if there are signs of an infection. In this case, you must get advice from your doctor.


Blepharitis can be annoying, but it is relatively easy to treat. However, it may come back, so keep your eyes open for this and keep them clean.

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