If you or someone you know is concerned about increasing forgetfulness, especially in individuals over the age of 65, it is advisable to consult a GP regarding the possibility of dementia.


Dementia is not a single illness, but a collection of symptoms resulting from brain damage. Key signs to look out for include:

  • Memory loss, particularly in recalling recent events
  • Difficulties in thinking, reasoning, or following conversations or TV programs
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger related to memory loss or confusion, even in familiar surroundings

If someone you know is displaying these signs, encourage them to seek medical advice from a GP.


If you are concerned about your memory, it is highly recommended to discuss your worries with a GP. They can provide reassurance if dementia is not the cause. However, an early diagnosis of dementia can facilitate appropriate treatment and support planning. Obtaining a diagnosis sooner rather than later also allows time for friends and family to adjust and prepare for the future. Learn more about the significance of early detection and seeking professional help for suspected dementia.

Supporting the dementia challenge

If you have a loved one with dementia, this guide will help you understand the best ways to support them both physically and emotionally. Additionally, you will find information on community initiatives that can make a real difference. By helping friends and neighbours understand the challenges faced by individuals with dementia, you contribute to creating a more supportive environment. Utilize this guide to expand your knowledge about dementia and engage in discussions through the Alzheimer's Talking Point online forum.

For further assistance, you can reach out to the Carers Direct helpline at 0300 123 1053. The helpline is available to address any concerns related to caring for someone with dementia and can provide guidance on accessing local support organizations. Consider visiting a nearby memory café, where you can connect with other carers and individuals with dementia, enjoy a cup of tea, and receive support from trained professionals.

General Practitioner

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