Minor surgery and wounds

Updated: 03.08.2023

Updated: 04.01.2024

Approved by: General Practitioner, Dr Binita Parmar

There are a variety of minor surgical procedures such as removal of ingrown toenails, abscesses, lipomas and moles. We are also equipped to treat various wounds, removing stitches, staples, splinters and other foreign bodies.

General practitioner, dermatologist or plastic surgery?

  • A GP will be able to remove most moles and warts or take a biopsy (tissue sample) if there is a concern regarding potential cancerous changes. The process is straightforward and safe, involving numbing the area with local anaesthetic, then carefully removing the mole with a scalpel. After the removal, the skin is neatly stitched back together. Every removed mole is promptly sent for analysis to determine whether there are any signs of cancerous change. This is an important step to ensure your piece of mind. Typically one mole is addressed per doctor's appointment.
  • A dermatologist will have a wide range of specialised equipment to examine you and will be a specialist in this field. This means they will be able to assess your moles even more closely and assess whether the mole should be removed surgically or treating it with a freezing technique known as cryotherapy.
  • A plastic surgeon if you are considering the removal of a wart or mole on your face or another highly visible area, you may wish to consider consulting with a plastic surgeon, who will focus on achieving the best possible cosmetic outcome as well as safe and effective removal of the skin lesion.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

When do I have to go to the emergency room?

  • If you suspect you may have broken a bone or need confirmation of a fracture.
  • If you have sustained a head injury and think you require diagnostic imaging such as an X-ray or CT head scan.
  • For any major injuries where immediate imaging (such as X-ray or CT) or medical intervention is needed.

General Practitioner

At Dr.Dropin our experienced GPs provide a wide range of primary care services, similar to those provided by the NHS, either in the clinic or through video consultations.


At Dr.Dropin, you will receive specialist care from our expert Consultant Dermatologists provided by skindoc. With extensive experience from both public and private hospitals, we can assess and treat most chronic and acute skin disorders – either in the clinic, through video, or via a photo upload service.